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In partnership with PLEA Ridge Meadows Youth Services Tuesday night youth drop in, Children of the Street provided three Youth Art Engagement Project sessions for 12 participants. The project was funded by Vancouver Coast Health Call Out Leadership Grants, and the youth were actively engaged as part of the organization process of this project to […]

Children of the Street Society has started our spring Youth Art Engagement Project – a nine session project that combines sexual exploitation prevention education, with social justice art creation. In partnership with the City of Coquitlam, City of Port Coquitlam, CKNW Orphan’s Fund, Coquitlam Foundation, Face the World Foundation, TELUS, The Amir and Yasmin Virani […]

Three friends will be racing 3,000 km in Indonesia to raise awareness for the issue of human trafficking! They will be racing for 2 weeks and blogging about their trip in and out of jungles. Please share with your friends and family through Facebook and Twitter!

In our TCO2 workshop, we consider how the media plays a role in influencing our understanding of gender. Media depictions of men and women; boys and girls, can inform us of how each gender is expected to look, dress and behave. In 2011, many problematic representations of women were found in popular media. We saw […]

As we enter a new school year, we are quickly being exposed to new and emerging trends/issues coming from the youth we are engaging with. One trend that we were already aware of, and something that has been prevalent for a few years now, is the extremely concerning LG issue.  As explained in a previous […]

Returning to elementary, middle, and high schools as an adult is rather a unique and eye-opening experience.  Unfortunately, it is a rare day that I walk through the hallways of a school without hearing at least one slur, let alone a number of them. These hateful words stay with us.  Most of us can remember […]