Behind the Scenes: TCO2 Facilitators Prepare for YAEP


A unique art piece created by a former participant of last year's YAEP

Over the week of December 12-16 our Youth Workshop facilitator team has been gearing up for the upcoming Youth Art Engagement Project (YAEP) that COS will be launching in Vancouver in the New Year. The YAEP began as an incredibly successful pilot project in the Tri-Cities last year and we will be carrying out ‘Phase 2’ of the project in Vancouver in 2012. The project seeks to engage 4 groups of youth from Vancouver schools over the course of 9, 2 hour education and art production sessions. The goal of this project is not only to provide an intensive education on sexual exploitation, but also empower youth to utilize their important voices through social justice art which can lead to increased community awareness around this issue in their own communities. 

Over the past week our facilitator team has not only been putting together the curriculum for this year’s project, but they have also been training to integrate art and various mediums throughout the project. It was important for the facilitators to experiment with art themselves and push their own boundaries and vulnerabilities so that they can fully understand what that experience will be like for students participating on the project.

Each day over the next few days, we will be showcasing our facilitator team’s finished work and their demonstration of the the YAEP. Stay tuned!


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