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Local Small Businesses Making a Big Difference in the Community As with most charities and non-profits, Children of the Street Society depends on the generosity of countless individuals, groups, and funders. While we work hard on a consistent and ongoing basis to secure funding and keep our much-needed programs thriving, sometimes when its least expected, […]

Today’s guest post was written by one of our new volunteers, Christopher Libby, who brings a wealth of experience, insight, and passion to his work with the Society. His own blog can be found at: I’m doing some volunteer work for Children of the Street Society, which fights child exploitation by educating children, parents, police, teachers and […]

When I started my training as a TCO2 Facilitator, I was surprised to learn about the adolescent social trend of LG parties that were happening across the lower mainland.  LG (or “Little Girl”) is a label used by teenagers to stereotype young women (between the ages of 11-15) for wearing revealing clothing or perceived promiscuity.  […]